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airoh helmets

a logo that makes an impact

We’ve been asked for facing a big challange, to find the next graphic symbol that identifies the world wide known company Airoh Helmet.
We came up with this project, a complete rebranding of the company, starting from its Brand Identity and Logo Design.

our role

brand identity concept



it was eicma 2019 when we met with the management of airoh helmets, they immediately asked us what we thought of the current logo and to find a new solution for their entire brand identity.
they were encountering some problems and were looking for a solution that could unify their brand under one functional system.


it must be said that this is our favorite type of project and we didn't wait a moment to start looking for a concept that could best communicate the philosophy behind an Italian excellence like airoh.
we designed around the concept of "impact dissipation", key dynamics of motorcycle helmet function.
The idea for the logo comes from the same concept with which the products are designed:
Modularity and impact dissipation.
Strength. The triangle is the strongest shape. Any weight placed on it is distributed evenly on all three sides. Historically it represents the four elements air, fire, earth and water and is the geometric shape that best expresses the concept of resilience.
Not just a logo but an experience to live every day.
A dynamic communication system that connects directly the Brand and the Sports.
The logo and supporting graphics work perfectly both in terms of visibility and interaction in retailer spaces.
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