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Talent Swimwear

conceived to bring kids closer to water sports
brand identity
graphic design
content creation
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we do three things

creative direction

we set your direction


Each project begins with a phase of research and analysis in the reference market. We build our path by challenging the rules and seeking the most effective communication to our audience.


Strategy is the planning of operations to achieve memorable business.
The right mix of information and instinct is essential to create unconventional brands that have an impact on the world.


Stories are the most effective way to win people's hearts.
We help you tell your story in the best way to make the people you're talking to passionate about your brand.


we build brands

brand identity

A brand identity is the unique set of characteristics that influence a brand's perceived personality, appearence and behavior.
Our task is to build a communication system that can be recognizable and memorable through the design of all its assets.

visual design

Communication expands across key disciplines that allow us to deliver our message in diverse and effective ways.
These disciplines include Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Typography and Mixed Media.

assets & guidelines

The branding activity does not stop with the design of a logo.
Our work involves the production of various communication assets useful to the company as well as to a direction in order to make the identity coherent and continuous.


we inspire people

content creation

The most captivating stories are communicated through moving images, we are cover the services of photography and audio-visual production.
Content creation brings a brand to life by offering resources to use in branded campaigns and on social media.


The message is delivered through the platforms most in line with the strategy.
We define concrete objectives and achieve them by maximizing the resources at our disposal and the budget allocated to the project.

social engagement

All the activities we carry out with the brand aim to involve and activate people.
The original ideas that arise will have an impact and influence on the audience, other brands and the society around us.

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