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talent swimwear

You got the skills!
A brand created to bring kids closer to water sports.

our role

brand identity
graphic design
product design
media production


talent swimwear


Talent Swimwear is a new technical clothing brand specialised on youth swimming sports.
It was conceived to bring kids closer to sport, activity and the creation of an active, healthy and cool community.
A brand designed for those who need to be recognized, to remember that every boy and girl has potential and skills to be expressed through sports activity.


We covered the creation of the brand from the beginning, the creative direction of the project, design of the logo, products and all the identity system. To the production of all the media used to start the first sales.
construction of the Talent logo
moodboard of the project
color palette and typography
Talent Swimwear logos
brand pattern design
brand pattern and payoff
brand stationery design
brand business cards
brand id design
talent merchandise design
tshirt design
hat design
talent pictures
talent pictures
talent pictures
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