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Alconn is an integrated services company specializing in wireless/wired connectivity, networking, cloud and cybersecurity.
Through the design of a brand identity we have identified the main objectives of Alconn, we have defined a clear and direct message to their target audience (business and public administrations).
The entire communication system is specifically designed to reposition Alconn as a leading system integrator brand in Italy.

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brand identity
creative direction
brand strategy
web design



when the management of alconn contacted us, they explained their main problem they were facing with the brand: the lack of an identity, a message and a positioning on the market, to face a very clear and already well established competition in the industry. the challenge was to create an innovative brand from scratch, professional and effective, which communicated the values expressed by the company, develop the entire communication system with the guidelines and position Alconn as leader in Italy for b2b connectivity.


through the research phase we got an idea of the entire industry, the current benchmarket and the communication style of the competition.
what caught our eye was the opportunity for alconn to position itself and specialize in the b2b niche. having agreed with them on the strategy and positioning of the brand, we structured the entire communication system and adapted it to the new values of an innovative, professional and reliable brand.
After the inspiration stage, we undertook the direction of the brand values, we have begun to draw some sketches of visual concepts.
Exploring the shape of the triangle, a symbol of stability and authority, also the shape of the letter A which provides an element of distinction and recognibility to the Alconn brand.
Visuals and icons from the connectivity business helped define a concept that aligned all of these ideas into one simple solution.
The concept we focused on is finding a simple icon capable of containing the three key concepts that can communicate the values of Alconn: the signal repeater, the fiber or cable connection symbol and the letter A.
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